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Measure A will provide affordable housing opportunities across Santa Clara County for hardworking families and our most vulnerable communities. Help us spread the word about who this measure will help. Below are some of the voices and perspectives you can share with your networks – including on Facebook, LinkedIn, and through email. Have your own story to share? Click here!

Marilyn, retiree

“I built my life and family here more than 60 years ago. I always imagined I’d live here the rest of my life. Measure A provides affordable housing so seniors like me can stay where we call home.”

Mike, worker

“My wife and I work hard to provide for our three children. But, at times, I didn’t think we were going to be able to get by. Securing affordable housing made all the difference. I want other families and their children to have these same opportunities.”

Corey, veteran

“After returning from my service in Iraq, I fell on some pretty rough times. Without supportive housing, I’m not sure I would have made it. Measure A can help more veterans get the safe, affordable housing they deserve.”


“As a single mother, I worked two jobs for nearly twenty years to put my boys through college. When I was able to finally secure an affordable home for myself last year, I knew it meant having a place my grandchildren can visit. I’m voting YES on measure A so we can create more affordable housing opportunities for our community.”


“I still remember the fear I faced that our family was going to end up homeless when I had to take money from my rent to repair my broken down car. Affordable housing changed my life and created a more stable and healthier environment for my kids.”